The Last Year is an upcomming horror/suspense mini-series created by Daniel S.


After a mass murdering event that lead a school to close for 3 years, the doors finally open again. Alison Sinclair, new in town, starts her senior year in this school, without being informed of what happened. Thinking that the torture of school is coming to an end, Alison quickly realizes that the true torture is just starting.



  • Alison Sinclair;
  • Skyler Michaelson;
  • Kenna Harrinson;
  • Haley Brooks;
  • Hanna Holt.

Also StarringEdit

  • Nathan Emmerson;
  • Caroline Ward;
  • Paige Millers;
  • Claire Davis;
  • Natasha Collins;
  • Sophia Jensen;
  • Kat Norris;
  • Hunter Ross;
  • Justin Wilson;
  • Luke;
  • Jeff;
  • Andrea;
  • Nadine;
  • Jenna;
  • Tina;
  • Cole Patterson;
  • Nick Raley.


  • Dr. Cromwell;
  • Paul;
  • Johanna;
  • Elle Montgomery;
  • Sarah Tyler;
  • Lois;
  • Joey Philips;
  • Brad Shostack;
  • Matt Rivers;
  • Miguel.


  • It was confirmed that Nathan and Caroline are responsible by the mass murder.

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