Sam Emmerson is a 12 year old student and Nathan Emmerson's brother. He is also a mutant with the power of telekinesis.


Not much has been seen from Sam, yet.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Sam is an advanced user of telekinesis, being able to move and manipulate anything with his mind, having no seemingly limitations to his power. He is capable of using his ability for great destruction, even though he tries to keep it under control. He has been seen using it for several purposes, like choking his victims, flying, destroying objects and even turning his opponents into dust.


Sam's limitations have not yet been fully developed, although he doesn't seem to be able to move objects that are too heavy or that are too far away.

Augmented PowerEdit

When Sam's ability is enhanced, he becomes capable of moving anything, no matter the weight or how far it is. He also loses a bit of control over it, as he can't stop levitating small objects around him.

Early LifeEdit

When Sam's ability manifested, his father wanted to send him to Terminus, which would have happened if Nathan did not intervene. It's speculated that, afterwards, Sam was taught by his brother to hide his ability from the rest of the world and learned to better control it.

Season 1Edit

An Invitation To My Personal DisasterEdit




Killed/Injured VictimsEdit

  • Caroline's Classmates (Accomplice): In An Invitation To My Personal Disaster, Sam was present when Caroline mentally assaulted her classmates and sent them to the hospital. He also allowed Skyler to absorb his power and use them against the kids.




Season 1Edit


  • Sam was designated an "Extreme Threat" by Prime Indutries' Project Artemis.