"Yeah, I know passing through walls might seem useless, but that's because you haven't seen me getting a person's head stuck on a wall."

-Nathan Emmerson.

The ability to pass through solid matter. Nathan Emmerson is one of the only users of this ability.

Nathan Emmerson (Earth-3)Edit

Nathan, as a mutant, possesses this ability, being capable of moving through objects, becoming completely untouchable. This power allows Nathan to ignore most attacks and physical dangers. He can also extend his power to other people and/or objects, allowing them to become intangible as well. Nathan can easily damage tangible matter by passing right through it, being able to disrupt electronic equipment and harming living beings. Also,  when Nathan phases through the floor, he seems to float, as if swimming, which allows him to come back up, or else he would stay stuck forever. While phasing, Nathan is resistant to telepathy as well, although some higher level telepaths can still manage to communicate with him this way, like Caroline. However, Nathan is still vulnerable to magic and the excessive use of his power can exhaust him.

Unnamed "M" UserEdit

For a short moment, there was a male user of the "M" drug who acquired this ability. He ended up dying when trying to phase through a wall and got stuck in it.

Ghosts (Earth-6) Edit

Being spirits of the dead, ghosts possess this ability as well, being completely untouchable.


  • Nathan was the first known user of this ability in Teen Mutants.
  • Nathan Emmerson is the only known living character with this ability on Earth-3.