"Back in a minute."
-Hal's last words.

Hal is a minor character and survivor of the zombie apocalypse in The Walking Dead Remake. He served as mechanic for the group before his death.


It's hard to describe Hal's personality in his brief appearance. He seemed as a calm, quiet guy at first, until he had a sunstroke and revealed to be broken by having seen his younger sister being eaten alive by the dead during the outbreak.


Hal was one of the several students abandoned by the military after being evacuated from his high school. He later joins or forms a group near Aveiro.

Hal's father was a mechanic and his mother a farmer. He also had a younger sister, who attended the same school as Sam Emmerson and Lydia Anderson, that died after the evacuation and being left behind by the military.

Post ApocalypseEdit

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Killed ByEdit

During the fish fest, Hal went to his tent to get a bottle of water. When the dead approached the camp, one of them appears behind him, bitting his neck before he could cry for help. He died instantly, before being completely devoured.

Ensuring Hal doesn't come back as one of the dead, the survivors laid him on the ground and Brad destroyed his brain with a pickaxe.

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Season 1Edit

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  • Hal was initially scripted to appear for the first time in Season 2, at the farm. However, the producers decided that would be better for the plot to shorten his role.

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