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Like Earth-5, Most of the My Own World projects in this universe are just fictional, appearing as TV series, movies and books. This reality is used for the horror story, The Reunion, where the main group decides to spend a weekend on a deserted mountain until someone starts murdering all of them. Soon, they also realize that there is a supernatural secret in the mountain, based on the myth of the Wendigo.

Points of Interest Edit

  • Jensen Mountain
    • Jensen Lodge

Residents Edit

  • Nathan Emmerson
  • Haley Brooks
  • Caroline Ward
  • Claire Davis
  • Paige Millers
  • Skyler Michaelson
  • Hayden Turner
  • Emma Adams
  • Jason White
  • Hanna Holt
  • Natasha Collins
  • Kenna Harrinson
  • Evan (Deceased)
  • Sophia Jensen (Deceased)
  • Johanna Whitmore (Deceased)
  • Brad Shostack (Deceased)
  • Hunter Ross (Deceased)
  • Kat Winters
  • Jessica (Deceased)
  • Joey Philips (Deceased)
  • Luke Blackwell (Deceased)
  • Matt Rivers (Deceased)
  • Hal Hillman (Deceased)
  • Oliver (Deceased)

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Trivia/Notes Edit

  • This is the first and only reality where Kenna Harrinson is the villain.